Supply Chain and Warehousing

Supply Chain and Warehousing

Waahe has developed a global supply chain and partnered with top-class manufacturers to build and store Waahe-specific products. Centrally located, our warehouse team quickly distributes materials to all our projects as needed.

Supply Chain Partnerships

Our strategic supply chain partnerships ensure we source the highest quality modern and eco-friendly materials. By tapping into these global connections, we can mitigate any supply chain restraints and complete projects quickly.

We stock our redevelopment materials in the Waahe Capital warehouse for quick, easy access during each phase of renovation.

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The Waahe Capital Warehouse

Waahe’s 8,000 sq. ft Arizona warehouse optimizes our supply chain, allowing us to stock our globally sourced construction and renovation materials in a single location for use when needed. It is a critical component of our 13-step interior renovation process, allowing us to quickly address renovation and remodeling needs quickly and efficiently.

Having a central stocking and distribution location proves itself a strategic win as Waahe is able to continue and accelerate renovations.

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Current Investment Offerings

Focusing on metro areas of Arizona, we’re creating value-add multifamily housing opportunities. Explore our current selection of acquisitions and find out how you can build your wealth through these responsible investments.