Waahe Capital Property Management

Property Management

To ensure revenue optimization and operational excellence, Waahe Capital manages every property we develop. Our property management and construction teams work transparently to address projects and concerns quickly.

Going a step further for our investors

By providing in-house property management, Waahe Capital is able to complete our end-to-end vision and convey our brand value to tenants. Our property management team makes decisions from the lens of an investment company, and the additional cash-flow of reduced management expenses and markup-free maintenance services deliver higher Net Operating Income (NOI).
This enables us to take bold steps in our value-add strategies per property, maintain long and short term focus, receive feedback from tenants firsthand, and prioritize projects and improvements based on both investor and tenant benefit. Our property managers will ensure your investment’s value is never put in jeopardy.

Can do

Take ownership and get it done.


Be quick, flexible, and adapt.


Deliver extraordinary results.


Be brave and commit.

Going a step beyond for our residents

Our in-house property management team works closely with our asset management team to not only receive tenant feedback, but develop timelines and projects to address it. Using environmentally friendly products and practices to maintain properties, residents in each of our complexes enjoy safe, sustainable, and affordable housing without compromise.
Equinox on Country Club

Current Investment Offerings

Focusing on metro areas of Arizona, we’re creating value-add multifamily housing opportunities. Explore our current selection of acquisitions and find out how you can build your wealth through these responsible investments.