Waahe Value Add Fund I

The Waahe Value Add Fund I is now open to accredited investors.

Invest in a diversified portfolio of value-add multifamily assets in the growing sunbelt region.

Waahe Value Add Fund focuses on acquiring and operating value add apartment communities in growing secondary/tertiary markets. The fund, with its dual-class structure, provides an opportunity for its investors to custom create the risk and return profile between cash flow and upside based upon your unique investment objectives.

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Projected Returns

Projected returns over the life cycle of the fund (5-7 years)

17% to 22%

Cash on cash avg. w/sale

16% to 22%

levered IRR (Net)

1.5x to 2.0x

equity multiple (net)

*Open to accredited investors only. Projections based on 5 years hold for limited partner investment.

Benefits Of A Fund

Spreads out investor equity over multiple acquisitions

Diversification offers the ability to reduce risks while offering the potential for higher returns

Potential tax benefits for investors such as pass-through depreciation opportunities and 1031 exchanges.

Return Structure

Class A - Limited Partners

Pref Return 10%

Target IRR 10%
Priority in capital stack
Minimum investment $100k

Class B - Limited Partners

Pref Return 8%

Target IRR 16%-20%
70/30 LP GP Split up to 15% IRR, 50/50 thereafter
Minimum investment $100k

Fund Strategy

Overall Strategy

Micro-locations in fundamentally sound communities benefit from healthy economic and demographic characteristics.

Market Strategy

Growing primary, secondary and tertiary markets in the sunbelt region. Strong population and job growth.

Property Strategy

Class-B and C Assets in highly desirable, urban and suburban locations. Garden style, mid-rise, wrap and/or podium style construction.

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