Waahe Smart Design

From acquisitions to exits, Waahe Capital prioritizes high-potential projects. We manage them from start to finish to keep costs low and return on investments high.

Updating Residential Spaces

Every acquisition we make has the potential to be a beautiful modern space with the right renovations. By fully stocking our warehouse, we’re able to create cohesive, livable apartments that have a timeless aesthetic.
Each building is updated with the highest quality appliances, flooring materials, and paint colors to ensure longevity and appeal.

Can do

Take ownership and get it done.


Be quick, flexible, and adapt.


Deliver extraordinary results.


Be brave and commit.

Top Quality Materials

We fully stock the Waahe Capital warehouse with luxury, eco-friendly building materials and finishings. This serves two purposes: consistency and supply chain restrictions.
By buying wholesale, we are able to get lower prices and a consistent, sleek, iconically Waahe look. Our warehouse also allows us to complete renovations without struggling with supply chain issues or hold-ups.

Current Investment Offerings

Focusing on metro areas of Arizona, we’re creating value-add multifamily housing opportunities. Explore our current selection of acquisitions and find out how you can build your wealth through these responsible investments.