Waahe Capital Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition

The Waahe process begins with acquiring assets that have untapped value potential and provides an opportunity for rebranding and repositioning. We find the best deals by leveraging local relationships to acquire assets off-market.

What We Look For in Acquisitions

We search out assets that provide an opportunity to increase Net Operating Income (NOI) through rebranding, heavy-to-light remodeling, and revenue optimization. We start with looking at statistics on the surrounding area, such as area median income, job proximity, population and household growth, job growth, employment base diversity, and desirable amenities.
Once we find an asset that meets these criteria, we continue our due diligence by testing the asset with our conservative, test-to-fail, underwriting process. If the asset passes this stress test, we analyze the remaining factors and make a final investment determination.

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Waahe Capital Asset Acquisitions

Location and enhancements made to the property, our acquisitions increase in value. Our dedication to using quality materials and creating modern spaces allows us to raise rental prices.
We use a specific strategy to ensure that we’re creating beautiful, modern spaces for our residents. With our vertical integrations, our investors get the highest potential return on investment.
Equinox on Country Club

Current Investment Offerings

Focusing on metro areas of Arizona, we’re creating value-add multifamily housing opportunities. Explore our current selection of acquisitions and find out how you can build your wealth through these responsible investments.